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Ivan Luis Chevere, artistically known as Mate Traxx is a Puerto Rican American DJ, as well as a renowned record producer, songwriter and music engineer. He is considered one of the most prolific and versatile music producers of our time.

In 1988, at the age of 17, Mate Traxx released his debut musical production as DJ Mate with the Latin MC’s “Let’s Jam", making them one of the first Latin rap groups in the history of Hip Hop under the iconic music label B-Boy Records, which was notably known for signing Boogie Down Productions (KRS ONE and Scott La Rock in 1986).

Mate Traxx's musical credits are attributed to several hundred productions in a vast array of many musical genres and styles. Since 2011, Mate has served as co-producer, music engineer, and tour manager for Latin super star Romeo Santos, under the umbrella of Sony Music. Mate has co-produced the super star’s debut album Formula, Vol. 1, his second album Formula, Vol.2, third Golden, fourth Utopia, and the latest upcoming album Formula, Vol. 3.

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